The Snake

Worked on it back in 2006, our Second Semester, as the final project for CPPS II. Designed and coded in TC using the Borland BGI Graphics library and its 16 colors :P. I still love The Snake :D.

Title Screen:


Animated Buttons:


Stage Select:


Play Area:


The binaries and sources are available from here.

Edit: never use relative time units in your posts :p…

  1. kk says:

    how can download it?

  2. Basit Ali says:

    Oops.. I guess my 4shared account is no longer active :p. Well who needs it now anyways. I have updated and uploaded both the binaries and the sources :).

  3. […] code of my first ever big project (no it isn’t that big now but still my favourite one), TheSnake, which I worked on as our second semester C project.Wasn’t sure someone would indeed be […]

  4. asifalii says:

    Oh yeah, The Snake, I love this project 😀

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