Semantic Web on JSP

Posted: May 10, 2009 in Cloud/Web, Computer Softwares, SSUET
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Well I hadn’t heard the term “Semantic Web” until this semester when I had been asked to develop a project for, strangely, the course that was not in any way related to it :P… It was assigned as a research project to me and I feel thankful to our teacher because though it did not help in the course, it did add to my experience and knowledge as Semantic Web is said by the Internet experts to be the future of web.

Other classmates of mine had given presentations on the basics of Semantic Web, what is RDF/XML, ontologies, how we design ontologies on Protégé etc. Was also told by the teacher that would need to work on the Jena API on Java to accomplish my task of developing a sample Semantic Web Application on JSP.

Difficulties in the project:

  1. Not enough idea on why and what was Semantic Web.
  2. From where would I get an ontology and if I were to develop one, what are the things I need to keep in mind while I develop it.
  3. JSP :S

Areas of my interest:

  1. Java
  2. HTML

Though experienced several hiccups on my way to completion but in the end the project was highly appreciated by the teacher :D. Now I can add on my CV that I have knowledge of working on JSP and Semantic Web :D…

image image

Edit: I am not sure if anyone still needs them but here is the Report and Project Workspace for anyone that is interested. Do comment if you find them useful :).

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  2. NeoSudhan says:

    Hi Basit,
    Im a final semester engineering student and just like you I have been assigned to do a project in jsp involving ontology.
    I have just started up on it(so as to say) and Im feeling pretty much the same difficulties as you did.
    I am getting some help from my teacher but Im still confounded.
    So I will be very grateful if you could provide some materials or any helpful pointers for me to look up.
    Thanks in Advance 🙂

    • Basit Ali says:

      Hi Sudhan! I have the project sources which I can email you if you want. There might also be the project report somewhere in my hard drive which I don’t currently have as my motherboard isn’t booting.

  3. NeoSudhan says:

    Hey Basit,
    Thanks a lot for replying!
    Yeah I would love to have your project sources.
    My gmail id is neosudhan
    btw.,which IDE did you use for your project?
    Im using Eclipse and Im currently having certain issues regarding how to import the protege-jena api into my project?any idea dude?
    anyway.,thanks again for your your response.
    Waiting for your mail..
    sidenote: Good luck fixing your system dude 🙂

  4. Hin Ko says:

    I also have a project on semantic web in this semester , i don’t have any idae how to use the jsp on it. any example can help me ? i got loss on this proejct.

  5. Jochem Pim says:

    Hey Basit,

    I am a student from the Netherlands and found your website through google.
    I am also working on a project which is similar to yours. Is it possible that you email me your project source files?
    It would help me alot.

    Greeting, Jochem.

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