JigYourPic – The JigSaw Puzzle for Facebook

After the address book I wanted to create another project on Silverlight and it could not have been better than building one on Facebook. Though at that time there was no Facebook API that would help me create the puzzle on Silverlight without the knowledge of ASP. So I picked up the .net API and the PHP API, translated the functions I needed and voila 😀 I was working with the data from Facebook :D.

Well but now I guess there is an API available for Silverlight without interfacing with ASP so if I need to get back on Silverlight and Facebook, I might take a look into it.

Here is the link to the app http://apps.facebook.com/jigyourpic.

I can see a few errors at the bottom of the page of the app but since the puzzle itself is working I should worry about the other things going on in the world :P…


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