My Resume can be downloaded from here : Basit Ali Resume“.

  1. Mohammed Ahmed says:

    nice healthy resume for an internee ! 😛

  2. Basit Ali says:

    Resume updated. Need to earn some money and since I have been working on these technologies for several months I guess I am somewhat ready to work on projects in my free time. But a paid internship would be nice too I guess $-D.

  3. Basit Ali says:

    why don’t u start internship at any software house.

    • Basit Ali says:

      I have my classes from Monday and I dont know if I will have enough time for the internship. Though I am interested if the software house is ready to pay some amount :P.

  4. Nisar says:

    Dear Basit!

    I am too much glad to see U here.
    Actually to say, If U dont mind would U please design my website into a very graphical and new design.

    Thanking U.
    Nisar Ahmad
    Cell : 03469894173

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