JigYourPic – The Jigsaw Puzzle for Facebook

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Cloud/Web
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Welcome my latest project on Silverlight and the worst in terms of design :P. I was just focused on programming this time and, don’t know why but, just couldn’t get the graphics to look atleast nice and simple if not outstanding. It has been a couple of weeks since I have not worked on it and frankly have lost my interest working on it. May extend this project if it gets enough response.

My next target towards a Silverlight App would definitely be a data driven application not a game, though I did want to create a multiplayer sort of game but uhh lets see what happens.

Comments are welcome 😀 and much needed. Ohh and yes the game can be reached here.

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  2. Urooj says:

    This is really kewl 😀 A li’l suggestion here. It took me a while to sort the puzzle out, but i noticed tht all the pieces were sort of in sequence and not random..like the next piece wuz either the top one or the side one or the bottom one of the already chosen piece on the board. So it wuz pretty easy to sort the puzzle out:P i guess the pieces dun’t get jumbled up properly or sumthin. The pieces were just a bit rather obviously too transparent:P Otherwise the game wuz VERY GOOD 😀 And then it wuzn’t workin on Opera. But when i tried it on tht Xtravo Explorer. it wuz workin fine:D Just had to install tht Silverlight and it wuz workin 😀 Is it cuz Xtravo does have the .Net Framework as a prerequisite? Good job Maskey 😀

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