OK so i have to put up information about myself here.

Well as u might have judged, my name is Basit Ali. I am a final year student of Computer Engineering in Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and come from Karachi, Pakistan.

Born in 1988, I stand today at almost 21 years of age keeping my aim in becoming a successful Software and Web Designer/Developer.

Well thats a brief info on me, for more feel free to add me to your contact list:

No spamming please, I already have much of it :).

  1. well bro u own a nicely designed blog with some bloggerbuster tarka.
    keep it up.

  2. sharephobia says:

    Hello Basit my name is Basit too i mailed u abt my self plz cheq it ..

    • Basit Ali says:

      Hii Basit! Yeah i did get your email :). Sorry was a bit busy in a workshop. Do mail me your messenger id as it’ll be better to chat there :).

  3. Basit Ali says:

    I m not using messenger coz of i am busy too but i think we can meet on sunday, u lived at garden and i also lived here..

  4. Qambar Raza says:

    Nice theme =) !

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