My Attempt at Silverlight (Address Book)

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

This is my first attempt at a Silverlight project and have tried to impress my instructors to the fullest. Do take a look and comment on what you think about it.

The application is only client based and all information it saves resides on your own pc. Nothing is shared with the world or me :P. Also the application is not feature complete. Will use this application as the base for my future projects as I have implemented many cool features of Silverlight like Visual State Manager, Templates, Data Binding, Observable Collection etc.

Link to myAddressBook


PS: Am not that good at graphics so bare with any glitches (but do notify me so that I may not make the same error again) in the User Interface.

Edit: Looks like Microsoft has ended the Live Streaming Service therefore the app is now not accessible. However the source are available from

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  2. Qambar Raza says:

    Excellent Work for the first attempt!

    Data binding is very good and its like short easy to load application on the NET. Nice database linking and query handling. Graphics (whocares !!) .. coding is efficient and cool. Do make it open-source for us newbies to learn.

    Hope you are launching the version 2.0 of this address book soon.

  3. maanu says:

    I would like to see your address book

    I couldn’t see that from your link

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