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Posted: November 21, 2008 in Cloud/Web
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From Wiki,

A web desktop or webtop is a desktop environment embedded in a web browser or similar client application. A webtop integrates web applications, web services, client-server applications, application servers, and applications on the local client into a desktop environment using the desktop metaphor. Web desktops provide an environment similar to that of Windows, Mac, or a graphical user interface on Unix and Linux systems. It is a virtual desktop running in a web browser. In a webtop the applications, data, files, configuration, settings, and access privileges reside remotely over the network. Much of the computing takes place remotely. The browser is primarily used for display and input purposes.

There are a number of webtops available freely but only a few allow guest login and therefore you need to sign up (though it takes only a few minutes but you don’t want useless accounts on the sites you probably won’t use) before you can test the desktop. So here comes the list,

1. eyeOS (

An Open Source AJAX based Desktop with its own set of applications including office suites, games, basic accessories and even a process manager. Provide an API for developers for integrating there own services into eyeOS. You can check out the demo here

eyeOS is a new kind of Operating System, where everything resides on a web browser. With eyeOS, you will have your desktop, applications and files always with you, from your home, your college, your office or your neighbor’s house.

2. Global Hosted Operating System ( provides every person in the world with a free Virtual Computer (VC). Like a Windows PC, or Mac, the VC is a personal computing environment which includes your desktop, your personal settings, your files and your choice of software applications. But unlike a PC, your VC is not installed on one physical computer – instead it is stored in professional data centers across the Internet cloud, and is accessed from any Internet browser in the world.

Flash based and pretty much solid desktop. Works together with 3rd party web applications like Zoho, Google Docs etc. which makes it even powerful as the apps work seamlessly within the desktop.

3. GlideOS (

No demo account. No briefing on the project. User Comments makes this desktop sound the best of all. Comes with its own web applications which also are very much praised.

4. DesktopTwo (

Desktoptwo is your home in the cloud with all of your personal information, files, programs, applications and more in one user friendly location. All you need is a simple web device and your browser instantly becomes your private desktop.

5. WidgeTop

Lots of widgets. Different from all above desktops as it relies totally on widgets. So its only useful when you need to keep you system as a showcase :P.


Is that all ? I want more… If thats your case then google is your friend.


  • The numbering above is not supposed to be the ranking of the desktops.
  • Don’t forget to turn on the fullscreen mode of your browser (F11).
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