The world of computing is getting together on the web (or should I say cloud). We have loads of free web based applications that provide competitive features as compared to desktop applications. Online, we now have Email Clients, Messengers, Web OS, Media Players, Office Suites, Image editors, Development Environments etc. all of which run inside your web browser without the need of installing any application(ofcourse you need to have browser plugins to run most of them). Most of these apps even provide free web space to save your documents online so that you may access them from anywhere, anytime. Or if you have Live Linux CDs or Asus Express Gate(Splashtop) powered motherboard you dont even need to have an OS installed to access all these apps.

Most apps in the beginning were implemented through AJAX and many now have transited to Flash/Air. And with the increasing competition between JavaFX, Flash and Silverlight we can say that there is much yet to come.

List of several applications grouped by categories are currently being googled. Will soon publish the result :).

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