Accessing Windows Share (Samba) from PHP

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Cloud/Web, SSUET
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Here is the solution, smbwebclient.

Wow is the only thing I could say after running this coool PHP script. From the author,

“smbwebclient.php is a simple script to use Windows Networks from a web browser”

You just have to edit a first few variables that declare the windows share you want to browse and some authorization flags. On running the script, it prompts for your username and password (you can disable it for anonymous browsing) through which you want to access the network. If you have enough permission you can even Add, Delete and Rename Items. Another wonderful feature of the script is that it allows you to tar(compress) and download any folder you wish.

I shouldn’t be calling this a script as this is, in a whole, a web application. And it has allowed us SSUET students to easily access our University’s Course Share Server TAIMOOR from home :D. I’ve set it up on where ce312 is your course folder. It will ask your SSUET login id for authorization. Our user accounts from the university website has been archived and the link no longer works.

  1. Laura Garcia says:

    how do you implement this class can you give an example script using this client

  2. Mustafa Cemberci says:

    I am getting error when using file_exist() on a file which doesnt exists. It would be a false.

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