ITEC 2008

Posted: September 19, 2008 in Events/Occassions, SSUET
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I feel so angry of not asking anyone to take our video or photograph whilst we received our 1st runners up prize for the Programming Competition at ITEC held on 23rd August in NED University. Even worse none of the admins of the ITEC cared enough of posting the pictures and videos on the site :(. Anyways I found one video uploaded by “farhanequal” and it features our group (though our stay at the stage is not fully covered) but still we can hear our names (Yay :D).

Here is the video:


Our name is called after the 47th second of the movie ;).

  1. Syed Masroor Ahmed says:

    Dear Mr Basit

    ITEC website is under construction and hopefully it will be updated with all pictures and news in last week of jan.

    We were unable to update website after event due to some management problems but you can find your pictures and archives regarding itec on neduet official website. That was updated after event.

    links are:


  2. Basit Ali says:

    Thanks for the links Masroor Bhayi. yes we can see our names there :D. Are there any links where we can find the complete pictures gallery ? We should be there in atleast one pic :p

  3. Masroor says:

    Yes u can find some pictures of ITEC at in gallery page.

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