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Posted: July 5, 2008 in Supertec
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No doubt setting up Red5 and its Sip Phone Application is as easy as installing a simple application on your windows machine. But customizing the server according to your needs can cause a whole lot of trouble :S

Setting up an online flash based SIP phone was a big challenge for me here at SuperTec which I readily accepted and after days of googling, finally managed to successfully install it to our servers.

Here’s how this SIP phone works:

  • Whenever a user logs in through the SIP phone it will register the user on our Red5 server and will assign to a port in the range from 5070 to 5089 (it can be customized though).
  • He can simply call whoever he wants now from the SIP phone by simply dialing the destination number in International format or any other SIP number in the format userid@sipserver.
  • The phone can receive calls at myuserid@mysipserver:port.

Now here is where the problem starts. Each time a user registers itself he/she is assigned a different port and therefore to receive a call your caller needs to know your assigned port, which my dear is not possible :p.

The solution:

The only solution in my mind is to receive incoming connections on the default SIP port 5060, pass it to a port forwarding application that will check for the port assigned to the supplied userid and then forward the request to that port.

I don’t have any idea about how I will achieve it, but I believe in myself, my Allah, the Internet and the Open Source community :D, and I am sure I will succeed.


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